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The carved and painted Crests of the Knights of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath 



Since 1989 all the carved, painted and gilded Crests for the most senior Knights Grand Cross Knights Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (GCB) have been created by sculptor and woodcarver Ian G Brennan.

The Order of the Bath consists of the Sovereign (The Queen), the Great Master (The Prince of Wales) and three classes of members. The title of the Order is late medieval in origin and arose from the ritual washing (inspired by the washing of baptism), a symbol of spiritual purification, which formed part of a knight's preparations for the conferment of knighthood.


Shown in Ian G Brennan’s studio are four carved and painted Knights of the Bath crests, a carved coronet for a Lady of the Garter along with two Knights of the Garter Crests.


Ian has produced all the Crowns, Coronets and Crests for the Knights of the Garter and Knights of the Bath since 1989 and continues to do so today

Due to the limited number of stalls (seats) available in Henry VII Chapel only the most senior Knights Grand Cross can be installed. Nine new Knights Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (GCB) were installed at Westminster Abbey by HRH The Prince of Wales on Tuesday 25 May 2010 and took place in the Abbey's Lady Chapel - which is also the Chapel of the Order of the Bath, of which the Prince of Wales is the Great Master.

Shown below are all of the Knights of the Bath Crests that have been placed in Henry VII Chapel, the Lady Chapel in Westminster Abbey from between 1989 and 2011 for the Knights Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath.

Sculptor and woodcarver Ian G Brennan has been commissioned to produce all of the Knight of the Bath Crests during this period. The crests have mostly been carved from lime wood prior to being painted and are between 10 - 24 inches high, each Knights Crest can take Ian  between three and five weeks to complete.

The Crest's of Sir David Williams, at the stage of the woodcarving prior to painting and gilding.



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Many of the Knights of the Bath Crests created by Ian G Brennan now placed in position upon the Knights helmets in Henry V11; Lady Chapel in Westminster Abbey

Crests were originally worn on top of the Knights helm (helmet) during pageants and tournaments in the thirteen and fourteenth century and are used as a form of identification.  Each carved Crest is placed upon a wreath, which is also carved from wood to represent a circle of two twisted ropes of silk each of a different colour. The purpose of the wreath was to disguise the join between the helm and the Crest.


Sir John Gibbon

General Sir Patrick Howard-Dobson

Field Marshal Sir Roland Gibbs

Sir David Williams

Lord Beetham

General Sir Harry Tuzo

Sir Horace Law (Admiral)

General Sir Cecil Blacker

Lord Charteris of Armisfield

Sir Charles Cunningham G.C.B.

Lord Croham

Air Chief Marshal Sir Neil Wheeler

Sir Frank Cooper

Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin

Air Chief Marshal Sir Denis Spotswood

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Edward Ashmore

General Sir Richard Worsley

Sir Henry Leach, Admiral-of-the Fleet

General Sir Peter Whiteley

Sir Douglass Wass

Sir David Fraser

Sir Douglas Lowe

Lord Armstrong of Ilminster

The Rt Hon Sir Patrick Nairne GCB MC

Sir Robert Ford

Sir Brian Cubbon  

Sir William Kerr Fraser

Sir David Evans

Sir James Eberle

  Lord Craig of Radley

Sir Roland Guy

Sir George Cooper

Air Chief Marshal Sir Jock Kennedy 

General Sir Michael Gow

    Admiral Sir Desmond Cassidi

Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Terry


  Sir John Stanier

Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir Peter Harding

Sir Nicholas Hunt

Field Marshal Sir John Chapple

Lord Moore of Wolvercote

Sir Brian Kenny

Sir Peter Middleton

Sir David Parry-Evans

Sir Patrick Hine

Sir Benjamin Bathurst

Sir Kenneth Stowe

Sir Julian Oswald



Sir John Wilsey

Field Marshal Lord Inge

Admiral Sir Jock Slater

Lord Ramsbotham

Lord Butler

Sir John Waters

Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank

Sir Michael Graydon

Sir Michael Alcock

Sir Roger Wheeler

Sir Dereck Oulton

Sir Anthony Battishill

Lord Burns

Sir Richard Johns

Admiral Lord Boyce

Sir Jeremy Mackenzie

Lord Walker

Sir Nigel Wicks

Sir Ian Dinton

Air Chief Marshal Sir Peter Squire 

Lord West of Spithead

Lord Stirrup

Sir Haden Phillips

Admiral Sir Nigel Richard Essenhigh

General Lord Dannatt

Air Chief Marshal Sir Glen Torpy

Admiral Sir Jonathon Band 

Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope

Sir David Omand 

General Sir Michael David Jackson

Lord Richards of Herstmonceux 

Lord Hougton of Richmond




Although each Knight of the Bath and Garter Crest Ian produces when displayed in Henry V11 Chapel in Westminster Abbey and St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle are only viewed from the front and sides and over the centuries Ian like his predecessors were not required to carve the Crests from the back.



However, for the past thirty plus years Ian has carved, painted and gilded the Crests from all sides as can be seen from the most recent example the ‘sea horses’ Crest below.




Often when Ian is working into the night to complete a particular commission, local wildlife often arrives to join him in his studio. On this occasion a pair of badgers caught on the security camera, wandered in whilst he was working on the 'sea horses' Crest. 





Often several different Garter and Bath Crests are being created in three dimensions at the same time.












The Crest of Sir Frank Cooper prior to painting and gilding.




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